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Story behind the blend: Bali

Bali tea blend: organic, caffeine- free ginger tea with ginger, lemon peel and lemongrass

Bali was a blend that was always going to be. Both the destination and the flavours inspired by it have been much requested by so many of you, and the place itself is also very special to me. It was a blend where I instinctively knew the way I wanted it to make you feel, yet perhaps because of that, it was also a blend that was a little nerve-wrecking to create. 

Bali greenery Manggis - black sand beach- Bali poolside, Bali Manngis Beach 
Rice Terrace fields, Ubud Bali big swing, ubud bali
The Island of the Gods means many things to many people. From the perfect escape to the ultimate party destination; from soul cleansing, mind clearing and body releasing relaxation, to action packed, adrenalin fuelled fun. But for us, Bali is a grounding place of restoration, joy and reinvigoration; I celebrated my 30th there, escaping the bustle of life as a Hong Kong expat to meet a few of my dearest girlfriends for a week of absolute bliss in Ubud. It’s the place I first went on a holiday with my (future) in-law’s amid the hustle and bustle of Seminyak and it was there that I had got married, atop the stunning clifftops of Uluwatu followed by a few blissful days far away from it all in the wonderful black sand beaches of Manggis in East Bali. More than once have the soothing surrounds of the luscious trees, that warm tropical air, the endlessness of that ocean and dramatic clifftops brought me such a renewed sense of calm. 
  Girl in flower bath soak, Bali Traditional flower offering, Bali Bali spa tea time
It's not a place that is always simple, or calm, and it is surely changing but the memories and sensations I go back to when I think of Bali, are deeply calming and restorative. Massages are amazing throughout South East Asia, but in Bali, there is something in the surroundings - whether your massage is inside a spa or among nature-  that makes them truly a holistic experience and that is what I ultimately wanted to capture, and share with you. Typically, your massage will both begin and close with a cup of hot, sweet yet spicy ginger tea. My personal favourite is a particularly spicy and intensely ginger brew that has been simmering for hours, balanced with an almost caramel sweetness. Maybe because it takes hours upon hours to brew, it is a drink that must be savoured with both hands around the cup, with eyes closed and in small sips. A few moments of precious suspended time where I breathe in the gorgeously scented air, usually enhanced by a few musky- woody sweet candles, and my body is still in a state of soft bliss from the warm, sure handed massage that was just applied. That deliciously soothing and life- affirming sensation that is the essence of our Bali blend- our Balinese spa in a cup.
Copper Canister of Bali ginger tea- organic, caffeine- free blend of ginger, lemon peel and lemongrass Bali Ginger Tea: an organic, caffeine- free blend by The Tea Nomad featuring organic ginger, organic lemon peel and organic lemongrassBali ginger tea ingredients- organic ginger, organic lemon peel and organic lemongrass  
Soothingly warm yet spicy, our Bali is grounded in dried ginger root, livened up with zesty lemon peel and balanced with the gentle nuanced sweetness of lemongrass. All organic, all caffeine free, for sipping at any time of day or night.
The Tea Nomad's Bali ginger tea- an organic ginger, organic lemon peel and organic lemongrass looseleaf tea


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