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Maldives Tea blend- The Tea Nomad's iced green tea featuring tie guan yin, shredded coconut, apple and pineapple pieces
Iced Tea Canister Duo and Tea Infuser gift set- Sydney and Maldives tea canisters and copper tea infuser.


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Tropical Green Oolong Blend .  Fruity Floral Notes . Suitable for Multiple Brews

Inspired by the blissfully idyllic vibes of the Maldives, this award winning blend is a gently sweet floral tea marrying green oolong tea leaves with dried pineapple, shredded coconut and a sprinkling of dried apple. Suitable for multiple cold brew steepings, sip on this iced tea all day and lose yourself in some sweet island daydreams. ​Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: tie guan yin, dried pineapple pieces, organic dried apple, desiccated coconut

Brew Guide

Read the inspiration behind Maldives , and how you can turn it into a teatini.