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Iced Tea canister duo by The Tea Nomad- copper canisters of our Sydney and Maldives cold brew tea blends.
Iced Tea Canister Duo and Tea Infuser gift set- Sydney and Maldives tea canisters and copper tea infuser.
Summer Tea Gift Set- Sydney and Maldives tea canisters and a copper tea infuser. Luxury tea gifts from The Tea Nomad

Tea Duo

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A complimentary duo featuring Sydney, our naturally sweet and fruity black tea blend, and Maldives, our gently tropical and floral green tea, these two blends are the perfect entertaining duo for summertime entertaining with a dash of wanderlust!

We love both these blends chilled, but they can both be enjoyed warm. Read more about the story behind Maldives and Sydney.

Alternatively, choose any two of our tea blends and just list them in the comment box upon checkout.