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The Tea Nomad's Shanghai tea- a white tea blend featuring pai mu dan, chrysanthemum and osmanthus flowers, pink rose petals and a drop of lychee.
Shanghai Tea Canister and Copper tea infuser. Luxury tea gifts from The Tea Nomad
Shanghai tea blend by The Tea Nomad- a floral, white tea featuring chrysanthemum and osmanthus flowers, pink rose petals and a touch of lychee.
Pouch of Shanghai-  a white tea blend from The Tea Nomad


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Florals & Lychee Infused . Delicate White Tea Blend . Suitable for Multiple Brews

Inspired by the quiet, fragile beauty of old world Shanghai, this is delicately sweet blend. Featuring an exquisite white tea base, Shanghai is a floral bounty with osmanthus and chrysanthemum flowers, rose petals and natural lychee essence. Delicious warm but we love endless cups (and multiple steepings) at room temperature. Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: white tea (pai mu dan), osmanthus flowers, chrsyanthemum, organic pink rose petals, natural lychee essence.

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