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Test Tube of The Tea Nomad's Sahara tea- a caffeine- free blend of organic rooibos, crushed vanilla and red rose petals
Sahara tea canister and copper tea infuser. Luxury tea gifts from The Tea Nomad


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Crushed Vanilla & Rooibos Blend . Warming Vanilla & Sweet Berry Notes . Organic & Caffeine free 


There is something wildly romantic about exploring the untamed landscape of the Sahara; a unique richness that inspired us to create this aromatic blend. Building on the natural sweetness of rooibos, our Sahara features red rose petals and crushed vanilla pods, balanced out by apple pieces and flecks of calendula petals. This award winning, caffeine free blend makes for a blissful nightly ritual. For added decadence, we recommend adding a drop of rosewater to brew dreams of your own Arabian adventure. Handblended in Australia, for wanderlusters everywhere.

Ingredients: organic rooibos, organic crushed vanilla pods, organic red rose petals, organic dried apple, organic calendula petals, natural vanilla essence.

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Customer Reviews

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My Self Care Luxury Treat

My absolute favourite tea blend from anywhere, ever! A pot of this tea blend is my own little luxury that I treat myself to in self care, I fully indulge in the fragrance and flavour. I love it!

Tea lover

This tea is incredible - the sweetness is just right to not overpower the flavour and after you swallow, it feels like the taste left is the authentic flavour of the tea without the sweetness. I'll be enjoying this for a while!

Rhamya Freitas
Sahara soothes

My favourite blend is Sahara.. no caffeine so perfect for pre bedtime. So soothing!