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Story behind the blend: Shanghai

The Tea Nomad's Shanghai blend: a white tea featuring lychee, chrsyanthemum, osmanthus flowers and pink rose petals

The Pearl of the Orient retains an old world charm. Far beneath the skyscrapers and away from the hustle and bustle, another world awaits...

At first glance, Shanghai can be an overwhelming experience. The dizzying sights, the intense energy, the glitz and glamour, the noise and commotion. But, peek behind the facade, walk through to the French Concession, or go beyond the sprawling metropolis and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Wide avenues lined with leafy ancient trees, architecture embracing the European influence on this historic city and the celebration of a quieter time. There is a different pace of life treasured here; teahouses and old chess games, men with their bird cages and ladies quietly gossiping over endless cups of tea. This side of Shanghai as the “Paris of the East” exudes an unique charm-  ornate lanterns swinging gently in the breeze, coiffed ladies on their afternoon wanders shaded by pretty umbrellas, and delicate florals scattered on the streets. The allure of old jazz clubs and the ubiquitous cheongsum in all its beauty.

Shanghai tea- a white tea blend featuring pai mu dan, lychee, chrysanthemum and osmanthus flowers, and pink rose petals.

Inspired by this setting, our Shanghai is a nostalgic nod to a bygone era. With whole Pai Mu Dan leaves as its base, naturally dried, organic chrysanthemum flowers are generously scattered alongside delicate osmanthus flowers, as flirtatious rose petals peek through with their pink hue. A few drops of natural lychee essence round out this lightly sweet, white tea blend, perfect for savouring all day long.


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