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Bali Bliss

Escape to a little Bali Bliss with this restorative ginger tea mocktail. Featuring our award- winning Bali ginger tea and the juicy sweetness of The Curious Cabinet's Mandarin Shrub Syrup, this is an invigorating and zesty sweet mocktail that you can blissfully sip on all day long, hot or cold, guilt and hangover free!

Bali Bliss- The Tea Nomad's ginger tea mocktail

Bali Bliss

- 6 parts strongly pre-brewed Bali*

- 1 part The Curious Cabinet Mandarin Shrub Syrup

- 1 part soda water

Garnish with a twist of Orange rind (or slice). Can be enjoyed on ice, or hot, when a little extra soothing restoration is needed.

To make a big batch, pre brew the tea and mix with the shrub syrup, but add the soda upon serving to retain that invigorating fizz! 

*Pre-brew a strong batch of our Bali blend. We recommend using 6 tsp of Bali to 2C freshly boiled water, brewed for 5min. Allow to cool if making this as a cold cocktail. 

Bali Bliss- The Tea Nomad's ginger tea mocktail

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