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Story behind the blend: Kyoto

Memories of Kyoto recall an incredibly zen, quietly inspiring place of contemplation and reflection.  A sense of calm prevails, with intimate laneways and perfect placed rock gardens under the most poetic blankets of foliage. 
Zen. Unassumingly assured, with a subtle yet refined sense of style. A sense of calm prevails in Kyoto, with intimate laneways and perfect placed rock gardens, elegant temples and the most poetic blankets of bamboo trees. It’s a place for exploring slowly, on foot or by bike, getting as lost in the streets as you do in your thoughts- the perfect respite from the stressful busyness of everyday life.  
Our Kyoto is an ode to that quiet elegance. A soothing Sencha base, brightened by the citrus notes of orange and the distinctive yuzu, rounded out by scattering of rose petals and the sweetness of jasmine flowers. An elegant blend to set your mind off on peaceful contemplations. 
Kyoto: a sencha tea blend with yuzu, jasmine flowers, pink rose petals and orange peel.

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