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Kyoto Cherry Blossom

An elegant yuzu and jasmine tea- infused cocktail inspired by our Kyoto blend, and this beautiful Cherry Shrub Syrup by The Curious Cabinet. 


Kyoto Cherry Blossom- a tea cocktail by The Tea Nomad and The Curious Cabinet


Watch the live cocktail making session here. Thank you to Pia for creating such delicious shrub syrups (we also use her syrups for our Bali Bliss mocktail), and for this fun Happy Hour version of our Meet the Maker chat series. 


Combine Kyoto Tea and gin in a glass and steep for 2 hours.

Strain the infused gin into a cocktail mixing jug with lots of ice. Add Cherry Shrub Syrup and Vermouth. Stir to chill and dilute. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with orange peel. Spritz with rose water and dried roses (optional).

Kyoto Cherry Blossom- The Tea Nomad's tea cocktail collaboration with The Curious Cabinet

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