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Story behind the blend: Maldives

Tropical, tranquil and oh-so-lustworthy. A picture- perfect group of blissfully isolated isles, flung out across a gorgeous stretch of water... island dreams are made of this.  

The Maldives. A slice of paradise where the regiment de jour is relaxing, with soft white sand between your toes, peaceful silence but for the gentle lapping of crystal clear aqua waters, and your days are spent sipping on something iced, and a little bit tropical. ​

There is something incredibly luxurious and indulgent about waking and sleeping to the sound of the ocean, and spending a whole lot of time, doing oh so very little. As you gaze out upon an endless expanse of water as it melts into the sky, life's busyness is suspended and you'll find yourself surrendering to a vibe that can only be described as pure. idyllic. bliss. 

In capturing the Maldives’ unique brand of barefoot luxury, we have created an iced green tea blend is stripped back, featuring just four ingredients inspired by the light flavours and tropical colours of island life. The lush green palette of the palm trees and island foliage finds a place in our choice of green oolong tea, coconut pieces bring in dreamy, creamy island tones, and the pineapple and apple pieces infuse that tropical fruit sweetness to ensure a well balanced blend.


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