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A Pina Maldives Colada

Is there anything that says tropical bliss more than a pina colada? 
With pineapple and coconut already a part of our Maldives blend, adding rum was just natural to help take this from tea to teatini. Close your eyes and we're back to those glorious days by the sea where endless hours were spent swaying in hammocks, wriggling toes in the sand or floating upon the clearest of sparkling aqua waters... without another soul in sight. 
30ml Maldives infused rum
15ml Lillet
60ml fresh green apple purée
10ml fresh lime juice
Maldives infused rum
Add 1tbs Maldives tea into 35ml white rum (we have used Bacardi white rum). Infuse for 1hr and then strain finely.
Mix ingredients together well. Serve immediately.

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