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Story behind the blend: Provence

The Tea Nomad's Provence blend:  a looseleaf blend of lavender, bergamot- infused black tea.

Unapologetically photogenic and effortlessly chic, Provence is an indulgent experience for the senses. Oozing joie de vivre, everything is drenched in a warm honey glow and a sweet perfume lingers in the air...

To experience Provence is to see a dreamy world through pastel-hued glasses. From dusky pinks roses to bright yellow accents, faded aqua window shutters to violet shop signs, there’s an undeniable prettiness all around; picture-perfect villages surrounded by even more picturesque settings.French markets are the draw for many a tourist but find where the locals mingle, and you’ll discover that it's not just instagram-worthy, but a glorious feast of abundance. Ripe berries with a sweetness that never can be exported, produce that has the taste of sunshine and oozing cheeses to go with the crustiest of french breads, picnics are our favourite kind of long lunch here and there is a lusciousness to every bite.

Then, there is that irresistible scent. The intoxicating perfume of lavender fields as mesmerising for the eyes as they are for the nose, sunflower fields bursting with sunny, human-sized stems, it is absolutely captivating and incredibly inspiring. The endlessness of these wild flower fields not only made for the most gloriously scented games of hide and seek, they inspired us to create our Provence.

Designed as a luxurious experience, to sip on this blend is to linger awhile in those glorious wildflower fields, and tap into in that pastel prettiness. Infused with the scent of luscious lavender, we adore this romantic blend black*, accompanied with some sweet French delights as the perfect afternoon tea time. Thé, Mon'Amie?


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