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Story behind the blend: Sahara

The majesty of the Sahara is pure wanderlust. Under an endless spectrum of sky, flawless peaks rise above soft waves of perfectly placed sand, as the scent of roses wafts through the air.
Undeniably photogenic and jawdroppingly spectacular, the Sahara landscape is hypnotic. A desert land whose perfection boasts of its remoteness and yet, there is a unique richness. Undulating sand dunes and intense copper- red hues contrast against an endless sky, platters abound with amazing flavours and a perfume carries in from the apple orchards and rose bushes that adorn the desert towns. As the camels rest by impressive tents under a carpet of stars, fireside drumming and singing lull the wondrous traveller to an Arabian night that promises the most vivid of dreams.
Irresistibly drawn to this wildly romantic, faraway place, we were compelled to create an aromatic tea exuding the luxurious experience of our Arabian adventures. Paying homage to the sights and scents of our journey, Sahara is a rooibos- based tisane whose natural sweetness is intensified by the addition of red rose petals and crushed vanilla pods. The fact that it’s caffeine free just makes it all the more perfect for bed time sipping. 

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