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Story behind the blend: Noël

Christmas. There is something absolutely magical and just heartwarming about it - with the sense of joy in the air, full of celebrations and excitement. All the frills, all the festivities, all the feels. It's definitely our favourite time of year. 

Story behind Noël, The Tea Nomad's Christmas tea blend

Having spent many years living abroad, Christmas was also the time of year that usually meant coming home- which was always amazing, but it meant a lot of wanderlusting about a white Christmas. Because as much as I love good Aussie Christmas, there’s nothing quite like how they do it over in Europe. Experiencing the festivities in cities like Berlin, Cologne, Brussels or Zurich - who have such a rich tradition with the grandest of traditional Christmas markets, remains a big bucket list item. 

What could be more wonderful? Sipping on mulled wine or hot cocoa as you wander through snow-laden stalls, brimming with Christmas decorations and groaning with the weight of baked delights and festive goodies; mingling with friends and family under a blanket of twinkling lights and surrounded by the grandest of grand European architecture, as the sweet sound of laughter and carolling fills the air- yep, take me there. 
So, in ode to that Christmas travel dream- we created Noël, a celebratory blend of Christmas cheer and wanderlust. Capturing all those magical Christmas markets feels and the distinctively festive taste of mulled wine, instilled into a blend that can be enjoyed hot, or sipped iced as a delicious cold brew blend. 

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