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Story behind the blend: Sydney

The Tea Nomad's Sydney tea: a fruity loose leaf black tea with passionfruit, dried mango and peach pieces. Ideal for iced tea.

We may be serious wanderlusters, but as every travel lover knows, one of the best things about travel is coming home. For us, home is Sydney; and Sydney… means summer.

Long lazy days under bright blue skies and in endless blue waters, the mood is relaxed and everything and about good food and good times. Bask in the sun all day, chill out in the soft summer breeze all night- the beach always beckons and life is lived outdoors: easy, breezy, and definitely beautiful.

BBQs remain a beloved tradition, and there may be no better feeling than polishing off that last dozen oysters or fish and chips gazing out upon the twinkling waters, all the while barefoot. Picnics and fruit platters are a must, with colorful and oh-so-ripe summer fruits in abundance; nothing beats the delightful messiness of devouring those big Aussie mangoes, the sweet juiciness of peaches and the tart crunch of passionfruit. Favourites that feature in our Sydney.

Sydney Iced Tea- a fruity looseleaf black tea with passionfruit, mango and peaches.

This blend captures that confident and easygoing Sydney vibe, and infuses it with the sweet tastes of summers by the beach. Grounded in a bold black tea blend, the fruity inclusions of dried mango and peach pieces are balanced by the freshness of natural passionfruit essence to create a relaxing blend that is smooth, naturally sweet and easy as can be. Thirst quenchers are a must under the famously strong Australian sun, and Sydney as an iced tea, is just meant to be. Cold brewing overnight is our preferred method, as easy as can be, then just add some ice cubes and a few extra slices of fruit and there you go, Sydney summer in a cup.  


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