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Sydney Summertime

Take a sip of Sydney Summertime, our tea cocktail to celebrate the festive spirit down under. 

The start of the Sydney summer coincides with the festive season, and the glorious vibe during those relaxed summer months is really quite unbeatable. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate so conversation is light and laughs come easy. It's a time for barefoot dinner parties, backyard barbecues and beachside picnics.

Inspired by the festive spirit, our friends at Teatini have created a tea cocktail aptly named, Sydney Summertime. A twist on the Gin Fizz, this cocktail is perfect for sipping throughout those long lingering days under the Australian sun. 

Sydney Summertime

· 15mL Sydney tea syrup
· 45mL Sydney infused gin
· 15mL fresh lemon juice
· Half a mango cheek
· Soda water to top

Sydney tea syrup
Add 1 tsp of tea to 125mL of freshly boiled water with 1 tsp raw sugar; brew for no more than 3 mins

Sydney infused gin
Add 1 tsp of tea to 50mL gin. Infuse for no more than 45 mins then fine strain.

Muddle tea syrup, tea-infused gin, lemon juice and mango in a short glass. Add ice and churn. Top with soda water and garnish with a lemon round.
*per serve in a short or lowball glass.

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