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Set adrift on cherry blossom bliss

Birds chirping, sweetness in the air and delectable little pinky-white puffs peppering powder blue skies… 
Unless you have been on a social media ban lately, you will have been inundated with lustworthy photos of the gorgeousness that is sakura season. The fact that it illusively only lasts a week or so in its prime, only adds to the alluring aura of this decidedly pretty time of year. Spring always beckons us outdoors, prompting picnics aplenty, but of course in Japan, it’s called Hanami, and it is incredibly elegant, accompanied by deliciously bite-sized picture-perfect snacks, and well, basically feels like everyone is at some fairy floss tea party in the sky. It would be toothachingly sweet except that as masters of subtlety and restraint, the Japanese do it just right. 

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