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The Art of the Staycation

Truth time. As much as I absolutely love getting on a train, plane or automobile get my travel fix, there is something about staycations that I have a soft spot for. Sure, there is something irreplaceably exciting about the whole experience of dreaming about, planning and then going somewhere entirely away from your normal life and surroundings; but the last two years of lockdowns and restrictions have quite taken the joy out of travel planning (there are only so many refund rabbit holes and hotel/airline credits one can take), and challenged us to appreciate what is around us, get curious and look at our hometowns with fresh eyes. 
So, here are our tips on the art of a truly, memorable staycation:
  • Location, location: You may be in your own city but it's time to change where you put your feet up; anywhere that is going to feel different - the hotel experience is always great for getting you feeling like a tourist (and hello room service and housekeeping), but even a comfy airbnb in a different part of town is a great starting point for a few days of local wanderlusting.
  • Pamper it up: Redirect the funds you're not spending on getting somewhere on a little indulgence. Whether that be a massage (do that whole package experience for once!), a mani pedi, a sound bath- whatever sets you abliss.
  • Shop til you drop: Let's be honest, we all tend to shop a little more freely and have different price sensitivities when travelling. It can often be about "the memory" that purchase makes- but a staycation can be just as memorable. There are almost always small boutiques, local brands and artisan goodies that are a little special and different to your everyday to enjoy. Oh and if there is a local market on nearby, most definitely always do that!
  • Let your (local) foodie out: maybe there is a specialty or cuisine well known in that suburb or area, or some beloved local cafes and restaurants. Depending on where you are and if it's urban or more country- look into a food tour, local breweries or wineries, farms and fruit picking or cheese and jam makers. You never know what you could discover. 
  • Get lost: Just wander the streets and whatever the outdoors might have to offer depending on where you are. Maybe its inner city shopping- but without worrying about parking (!), maybe there's local walks that would otherwise be hard to find, or a beautiful vantage point or park you can relax for an afternoon around, or that small beach or baths that you had no idea was there- chances are, it'll be less crowded too. 
  • After Hours:  When travelling, I often want to end my days with a little something after dinner- stretching out each moment of those vacation days. Perhaps that is the peace and quiet of staying in, listening to birds and nocturnal night life as you stargaze, or maybe you're somewhere more urban and a staycation means you don't have to worry about whose driving. Check out those local watering holes- tucked away cocktail lounges, a dive bar with pool tables, the scruffy teenage band at the pub or the local songbird singing acoustic at your hotel. End your days doing something different without the worry of how to get home.

    Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to indulge that wanderlust.

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