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Infusing tea with the essence of travel...

Wanderlust in a cup. Sure, it has a nice ring to it, but how can you indulge that insatiable thirst for travel, through tea?


The best of travel or travel dreams engages all our senses. Awesome sights that capture your imagination, exotic flavours that tantalise your tastebuds, unfamiliar sounds that grab your attention, and wonderfully weird smells that forever take you back to that laneway/streetside stall/forest/market of wherever you were. But more than this, certain destinations impart a je ne sais quois, an indescribable feeling only that travel memory will evoke. This is what we strive to capture and share with you.


We delve into those visuals that are photographed in our minds- the colours and moments that had us pulling out our camera.
We recall the scents that had our noses twitching- the fields and seasides, produce and markets that beckoned us closer.
We remember those tastes that lingered- herbs and flowers, fruits and meals that revealed so much about local life.
We tap into those most evocative of travel memories, and then we start to play.

There is no formula. Just as travels are about journeys, our teas are about an experience. 
We can't wait for you to see, smell, taste and indulge.

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