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Hi there, this is your tea nomad speaking…

I’m Grace, a self confessed tea addict, travel lover and serial wanderluster. It’s been 2 days since my last trip, and 30 min since my last cup. 

Travel is not just something I love, it's a part of my identity. My raison d’être. Its what I am inspired by, indulge in, talk and dream about, and I'm usually doing it over a cup of tea. Tea. That other part of my genetic make up. Much like travel, tea is something I grew up with and could not live without. Endless, endless cups to start and end the day, tea is my magic potion. It revives and restores, relaxes and revitalises, and it is what I sip as I reminisce over travel adventures past, and indulge in moments of endless wanderlust.

If we were to meet, you’d find me camera in hand, tea cup to my lips and travel on my mind. Invite me over and chances are, I'll raid your tea stash and pour over your travel photos. Let me stay with you and I'll leave a trail of tea cups and travel dreams. Its what I bring to the table. Travel tales, tea stains and a love of the life nomadic. 

Welcome aboard. 

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