• Story behind the blend: Noël

    Christmas. There is something absolutely magical and just heartwarming about it - with the sense of joy in the air, full of celebrations and excitement. All the frills, all the festivities, all the feels. It's definitely our favourite time of year. 
  • Provence with Love

    Spring is here and it's time for picnics in the sun, and afternoon teas at the park.. and what better than scones with that perfect French Earl Grey touch. Here's what has been baking for us this Springtime, it's our ode to Provence... with Love.
  • Story behind the blend: Bali

    Bali was a blend that was always going to be. Both the destination and the flavours inspired by it have been much requested by so many of you, and the place itself is also very special to me. It was a blend where I instinctively knew the way I wanted it to make you feel, yet perhaps because of that, it was also a blend that was a little nerve-wrecking to create.