• Kyoto Cherry Blossom

    Learn how to make Kyoto Cherry Blossom, an elegant yuzu and jasmine tea-infused cocktail inspired by our Kyoto blend, and the beautiful Cherry Shrub Syrup by The Curious Cabinet. 
  • Bali Bliss

    Escape to a little Bali Bliss with this restorative ginger tea mocktail. Featuring our award- winning Bali ginger tea and the juicy sweetness of The Curious Cabinet's Mandarin Shrub Syrup, this is an invigorating and zesty sweet mocktail that you can blissfully sip on all day long, hot or cold, guilt and hangover free!

  • A Provincial Easter

    Add wanderlust to your Easter baking with our Provence- infused Hot Cross Buns.
  • Story behind the blend: Noël

    Christmas. There is something absolutely magical and just heartwarming about it - with the sense of joy in the air, full of celebrations and excitement. All the frills, all the festivities, all the feels. It's definitely our favourite time of year. 
  • Provence with Love

    Spring is here and it's time for picnics in the sun, and afternoon teas at the park.. and what better than scones with that perfect French Earl Grey touch. Here's what has been baking for us this Springtime, it's our ode to Provence... with Love.
  • Story behind the blend: Bali

    There is a palpable magic to be found in the Island of the Gods. From clifftops with endless ocean views, to lush green forests and mesmerising rice terraces, Bali is a place for revitalisation. Natural beauty is all around, culminating in the truly blissful experience of a Balinese massage- the inspiration for this award winning blend.

  • A Pina Maldives Colada

    Is there anything that says tropical bliss more than a pina colada? 
  • Provence with Love

    Infuse some of that irresistible French brand of romance into your day with this teatini. 
  • Sydney Summertime

    Take a sip of Sydney Summertime, our tea cocktail to celebrate the festive spirit down under. 
  • Story behind the blend: Maldives

    The soft lapping of clear aqua waves, the finest whitest sand between your toes and palm trees that are the stuff of island getaway dreams, the Maldives embodies barefoot luxury at it's best...

  • Story behind the blend: Sahara

    An intensely evocative place on every wanderluster bucket list, the Sahara is one of those absolutely captivating places that speaks to the wanderer within...


  • Story behind the blend: Kyoto

    Memories of Kyoto recall an incredibly peaceful, quietly inspiring place of contemplation and reflection. It is a place for lingering, and our dreams certainly linger here...